Future Trips

February-Mars Holidays 2014

We are planning a trip to London at LISC (please click to see the web page) for one or two weeks from 22/02/2014 till 08/03/202014.
The trip details for 1 child (12-18 y.o.) are:
1. 450 GBP per week (tuition, homestay accommodation, transfer from/to airport, daily sport, half and full day trips to the historical places, full-boarding)
2. 100 GBP per week accompanying for going to/from classes, if your child under 14 y.o.)
3. 251 EURO British Airways tickets (with 20% discount available for booking till 31/10/2013!!!!!!!!)
4.Travel around London during their stay: Daily travel card _zone 1 to 6_, is 8.90 GBP for Adult (16 and plus) and 3.40 GBP for child (up to 15 year old)Price for year 2013
5. 150 EURO organisation fees ( all without Visa )
6. A group leader free of charge every 12 students
7.If the group is shorter than 12 students, the leader will be charged 250 GBP, or any extra leader will be charged this as well.
8.There is also a non-refundable booking registration fee of 200 GBP for a group up to 11 students; 300 GBP for a group of 11 – 20 students. Registration fee should be paid by mid-September 2013 for Winter 2014.
9. Books: vary from 10 GBP to 30 GBP (from refundable deposit)
10. Refundable deposit per student 100 GBP on bookings of up to 4 weeks, and 150 GBP on booking of 5 to 6 weeks. Refundable deposit is returned at the end of the booking if not used).

Download further information

Programmes Price Guide prices for group booking (PDF)
Courses Price Guide prices for individual booking (PDF)
Group Study general information (PDF)

Group study programme is available for booking of 10+ students. So if you would like to get a trip to London for low price invite your friends to join us :0)

Summer Holidays 2014

There are 4 opportunities:

1. Rugby School
2. Epsom College
3. Oundle School
4. Sevenoaks School

Dates & Fees 2014

Prices for these Summer schools: 1850-2100 GBP for 2 weeks (tuition 25-30 lessons per week, accommodation - boarding houses, education materials, English school friends, end-of-course certificate, full day excursions, full boarding, afternoon sport and activities, evening programs) + 50GBP oneway transfer + airplane tickets + 150EURO organisation

Parent Manual

Programmes, locations, menu & ect. all general information (PDF)

Still have questions, call me, contact by e-mail or leave your comment here (the comment form below).
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